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The simple act of watching the Sun changes our moods and brings us to a greater understanding of our relationship with Nature and ourselves. This is the beginning of Sooryayog - the merging of our consciousness with the Source Underlyng Nature - the SUN.

(Practices & Principles) :

By   Prof. C.N. SanthaKumari
(English &Malayalam)

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When one understands the essence of Creation, he realizes the transient nature of all worldly things and begins his inward journey to explore the divinity within him This book elucidates simple practices propagated by Shri Soorya Jowel, which brings about total transformation in an individual making him eligible to receive the Rays of Grace

Rays of Grace : By Nalini Sriraman

(English, Malayalam, Hindi & Marathi)

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This book is the result of Seethammas continuous contact with Sooryaji. She has penned the principles and philosophy of Sooryaji along with many of his poems and quotes which serve as valuable lessons in life to guide us along the spiritual path to perfection. It also contains a question answer session with Sooryaji.


Author: Seethamma LeVine
(English andTamil)

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Pushpa Suri, an ardent devotee of Soorya Jowel speaks not only of her deep reverence to his holiness, but also brings out in subtle ways the remarkable abilities of a young mystic and his magic of unconditional Love. . Her unexpected meeting with Soorya Jowel proved to be a turning point which opened her doors of creativity. Many of the poems in this book radiates her dedication & faith.

The King Of The Aquarian Age.
Author: Pushpa Suri
(Both in English)

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This is the monthly magazine published by the Sooryayog Foundation. It contains article written by Sooryaji himself on various topics, as well as contributions from many eminent personalities regarding their experiences ,. information on Naturopathy and other Natural food and medicines for our overall benefit. It is presently published only in Malayalam and shall soon be out in Hindi and English also.

Yearly Membership is only
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The Magazine has 3 specific columns.

LIGHT-HOUSE - Take Swamiji's enlightened guidance/ advice on matters from personal to spiritual.


RAYS OF WISDOM - Send us your opinion of FAITH and what you think faith is. In 50 or 100 words.


HEART AND SOUL: Two pages for your articles, poems, stories, paintings, illustrations or any special moments you would Like to share.

SOL (Spirit of Love): By SWE (Sooryayog Women's Empowerment)
A Quarterly Publication

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This book contains Sooryaji’s poems which make us Introspect and think deeply. These poems illuminate our lives and give us the much needed respite from our hectic lifestyles. Sooryaji will consider this Endeavour of his success if there is any change in the mind and outlook of the reader . Through his poems, he strives to eradicate all superstitious beliefs  and enable  the people to think clearly and positively through self- introspection.

Author: Sooryaji

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Harmony--The book 'Symphony for the Harmony of the Universe' is an attempt to guide all towards living in harmony with nature and fellow human beings. The book talks about a world of peace and purity, harmony and happiness in an attempt to realize the Absolute who resides within us.

The Harmony for The Symphony of The Universe
Sooryayog Women's Empowerment (SWE)


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This book contains poems written by Mrs Nalini. Constant contact with Sooryaji brought to fore , the dormant poetess in her which she never knew even existed. Through the divine life of Sooryaji that she experienced , there was a sudden surge of feelings and expressions in her, which burst forth in the form of these poems.

Yatrakarak Ninakai
Author : Nalini.
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It is a book of her experiences with Sooryaji. It comprises a collection of poems and prose inspired by Sooryaji's interaction with the world, as seen through the eyes of a follower.

The Prophet from the Sun
Author- Anita Madan


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This book contains  answers given by Sooryaji to many questions related to spirituality and other subjects. This question- answer exchange is a treasure-trove for all the seekers for spiritual success.


Author:  (Radha)