80 G Exempted

sooryayog 80 g


The Sun is the soul of existence which, in Ancient India texts has been represented as Soorya Atmo Jagat.

Sooryayog is a Sun-Loving Technique. It removes all negative emotions from the mind, and many ailments of the body start disappearing. Sun has two forms, gross and subtle. Sooryayog connects the practioners subtle and gross forms to both of them.

Sooryayog is a technique designed and propagated by Sooryaji. He in turn has been inspired by the Universal Masters who have been looking after the evolution of Humanity . It is a Socio-Environmental Spiritual Health Movement for the modern world. It is a way of being in alignment with the natural laws of the universe. When one lives according to these natural laws, health, peace, and harmony result. Soorya means Sun, Yog means union. Hence Sooryayog literally means to merge with the Sun. Using the Sun and its limitless cosmic energies, one can change, arrange, reduce, remove, balance, and organize the chemical, bio-electric, and bio-magnetic powers found in each of us. To absorb the subtle energies from the Sun for this transformation, the ancient technique of Sooryayog is used. This technique when regularly practiced helps to bring about alignment of the finite with infinity.

It is this technique that is used by the sages and saints in the remote areas around the world which also allows them to live without food or little food, living on the energy derived directly from the Sun.

Sooryayog is a SIMPLE TECHNIQUE FOR EVERYONE. It is easy to learn. It is not SooryaNamaskar which requires a body adept at Various Physical Postures (Asanas) . Sooryayog is a UNIVERSAL PRACTICE. It is beyond religion, age, sex, profession, economic conditions etc. Just as the Sun shines impartially on all, rich or poor, black or white, Asian or Western, the practice of Sooryayog is for everyone.


The Sun's light has many curative powers on the body and the mind which have been validated and supported by the scientific community, thus making it scientific as well. Practicing regularly, one finds that one's inner qualities are mysteriously transformed; negative qualities like anger, greed, jealousy, and lust are positively affected by the rays of the Sun coming through our eyes and into our mind and soul. Thus its transformational as well.

Our inner qualities are improved as we move from selfishness to selflessness through the help of the Sun. Sooryayog unfolds our SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS. It promotes unity, harmony, and brotherhood. It also stimulates our moral obligation to protect and preserve Mother Nature. Sooryayog expands our INTERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Using the external Sun, it activates, mobilizes, and expands the internal Soorya within each of us. Sooryayog creates the condition within us to join with the external Sun, enabling us to expand our consciousness and awareness of the life-giving light of truth, wisdom and love within us.

Sooryayog is one of the easiest methods to achieve that state of self-realization. Its the process which has guided millions of souls to realize themselves, and now it's here for us waiting for our warm embrace, asking us to take a dive into the ocean of light. Awaken thy inner Sun, feel the power within.